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Building Structures with Young Children

Course ID 113705
Child Care Aware® of North Dakota
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Looking at the science behind exploring, designing, and building structures, this course will help you guide children to deepen their understanding of the physical science present in building block structures – including concepts such as gravity, stability, and balance. From exploring the diverse structures in your neighborhood to designing and building structures with materials in your program, you will learn how to prepare yourself and your program; guide children through both open and focused explorations; and observe, assess, and document their learning. This course will give you the tools you will need to do serious science with preschoolers in your program. This online, instructor-led course includes weekly chat sessions, message board postings, as well as reading and writing assignments.

18.00 Hours

Course Level

Level 2 Professional Training

Approved Clock Hours

Course Category

Early Childhood

General Course

Child Growth And Development (18 Hours)

CDA Subject Areas

Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development (18 Hours)

Center Staff
Head Start

Three Year Olds (37 - 48 months)
Four Year Olds (49 - 60 months)
Five Year Olds (61 - 72 months)
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